Berjaya Media Berhad


Good journalism does not exist in a vacuum. Our success stems from the environment theSun editors have created to encourage good journalism to happen. We believe in 'Telling It As It Is.' Delivering compact, concise, complete and straightforward journalism.

We believe in the democratic system of being neutral, non-political, equal and fair, in carrying both sides of a story, in focusing on all - friends and enemy, in giving our readers good, honest reporting on issues that matters most to them, and real, quality news.

We believe in a culture of honest, open communications - beginning right here with our internal colleagues from bottom up.

We also believe in:

  • Mutual RESPECT.
  • Working in HARMONY; A TEAM.
  • The COMPANY, as our family comes FIRST. Not individuals.
  • Committing ourselves for the LONG TERM, LONG HAUL.
  • The GUMPTION to take on assignments and follow though to realization.