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CSR Overview


The Group also seeks to undertake projects to conserve and improve the natural environment. Our hotels and resorts have regularly engaged in on-site clean ups of beaches, parks and coral reefs. Staff volunteers and their families are encouraged to participate in these clean-ups and learn more about the importance of protecting nature.

Pledging a commitment to do business in ways that are both good for our community and our planet, Berjaya Hotels and Resorts have stopped serving shark’s fin soup at their 18 hotels and resorts worldwide.

Berjaya Hotels and Resort signed a corporate pledge to join the "We're a FINshed with FINS" (Save The Stark) Campaign of Shark Savers.

School children participating in the turtle conservation workshop conducted by Turtle Conservation Society during the Tioman Island Clean-up Day 2012

Divers removing the Crown-of-Throns starfish during the Tioman Island Clean-up 2011.

Several Berjaya subsidiaries have also incorporated Green initiatives into their business practices – such as the way products are packaged, choosing more local suppliers and opting for paperless online business documentation. To eliminate waste and help spur the message of Green-consciousness among customers, green products such as the Kenny Rogers ROASTERS i-care Box and the Starbucks Reusable Tumbler are introduced.

Adapting environmentally friendly practice into its business, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS introduced the "i-care Box", safe and recyclable take-away container.

Country Farm Organics insists on packaging that can be recycled such as glass bottles rather plastic bottles, products shipped by sea rather than by airfreight and paperless shipping documentation.

Starbucks' tree-planting activity with kindergarten children.